A Letter Of Me

Here’s a little bit more about my self,

To begin, I’ve always had an interest in the arts, visually and historically. During library time, I would’ve read every art book in the school, this ultimately began my interests on studying the art of the Renaissance. On the side, my aunt taught me everything that I needed to know involving how to paint at a very young age. Art class was my time to shine, get down and getting creative.

Then, moving on to high school at Laurier Macdonald I learned the studies of media. It was until my senior year where I was allowed to choose my electives and I chose to study Video Production and Advanced Art. Here’s where I learned how to use paper maché, silk screening on fabrics such as t-shirts, sound-editing, video production, photography and mixed media.
This was the time where I got plenty of support from my teachers. Also not to forget, I designed my senior yearbook and participated in an ArtUnion at Place D’Armes, which I find are one of my biggest accomplishments yet. With all these events going on in my life at that time it’s what led me applying into Arts & Cultures, because it gave me the chance to study various art mediums. During my time at Dawson, I’ve learned to grow my passion for art history, advertising and to remain open minded and to the possibilities life will bring me.

Of course, when I’m not being a full time student, I spend time drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing. When I have time to myself, I film and star in my own YouTube videos that I edit all by myself. I am very creative and am an excellent problem solver who works quickly and efficiently under pressure. Because of my work ethic and determination, Even though, I specifically don’t know where exactly, but I do know that I have great potential in accomplishing great things by learning and having many doors leading me to many possibilities. For example, to start by completing my dream in publishing my very own novel.

Best of luck to me,
Daniela Mancuso