Exhibition Reflection

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s SuperWomen!

These women are the unsung heroines that have made some of the greatest achievements in history. It doesn’t matter if their contributions or triumphs were big or small. They’ve all helped make the world a better place, not only for women of today but also for future generations.  Our goal was to empower women of today’s society because we felt as if women are often made to feel that they aren’t good enough.  

We wanted to honor these amazing women by creating an homage to them. Combining our passions for the arts and for culture, we’ve decided to collaborate on a project in two parts. The first is a pixelated heart made of a composite of canvases and melted wax crayons onto which we’ve attached affirmative messages about and for women, written by women.

The second part is an audio work reciting a list of 150 of the world’s ‘SuperWomen’ throughout time.  We wanted to show how these women are significant role models for girls. Our goal is to show girls that we’re all a powerful force to be reckoned with and to show society they should not underestimate us.

Artists’ Message

We are inviting women of all ages to express their feelings by writing anonymously on the various colored notepads; What you are proud of being a woman? It can be a quote, a simple word, a phrase, a lyric…etc. The possibilities are endless. When you have written down your message we welcome you to stick it onto any one of the canvases.

The artists of this work are Dawson students that will be graduating from the Arts + Culture Profile (Winter 2017).

In our society of today, women have this inferiority of not being equal towards our male counterparts. Also not to forget that women are usually seen as the most vulnerable, getting hurt, into trouble, and also being mentally abused by what we see in the media…etc.

 For my final integrating activity project, I decided to partner up with Felicia Alexopoulos, since we both had similar ideas and values to the table. For final Integrating Activity Project “SuperWomen” was about the powerful women we have in our society and how they provide significant role models for females of all ages.

We wanted to convey that women are a powerful force of people, and to show society and the media to not underestimate us. This is how our project relates to our class theme to “Power to the People” because we are empowering women.

Following my partner’s and mine passion for the arts and culture scenes, we’ve collaborated on a project that will consist of two parts. We’ve both have backgrounds in Studio Arts, by taking painting, drawing, and sculpture classes.

Exhibition Day

May 4th, 2017- Yes, it was a stressful day. It will never be forgotten. There were so many moments where I wanted to have a breakdown, there was no doubt about it.

Felicia and I showed up at the exhibition space set up in 5B.16 around 4:30 to set up our piece. We realized that none of the stuff that we requested for our exhibition (ex. our dividers). After a few moments, Felicia and I realized that we were running out of time we both managed use whatever was left. We made a set-up using a 6×5 feet corkboard. Felicia and I sprinted to Dollarama and we picked up plastic picnic tablecloths (to use os our background). Once we got that up we began to put op our canvases one by one. Yes, it took a while but everything got done and everything looked spectacular. The technician’s helped us out to install our Ipad on a small table and gave us earphones (for our audio component. Now since there was no more space on the front so we had to make use of the backside of the board.

During the night

I was quite pleased with our piece with all the hard work we’ve put into it. We got many compliments on our work, which I was really glad to hear. It felt so good to feel all that weight lifted off my shoulders because my partner and I did it.

Last comments and summary:

I believe that my partner and I have achieved our goal throughout this entire process. We helped inspire women and allowed them to be themselves. 

We were short on time and none of our requests for our exhibition came through. So, in that case, we had to improvise in very little time. 

For the most part, I’ve heard nothing but good comments on our piece. No one needed to ask us questions because it was a very Avant-garde,  playful and crafty piece.

My only beef with the project was because we did not get and of our requests. Ex dividers. We were forced to use whatever was available. Felicia and I ran to Dollarama to pick up 2 table cloths, bristol, and thumbtacks. 

Since our poster was too big for the front we had no choice but to put it in the back. Everyone barely acknowledged it. It 24$ down the drain.

What surprised me most is how many people actually participated in this piece. Every time I turned around there was always someone enjoying the piece.





18274946_1353657564699529_6744468148625572380_nFelicia (left) and I (right) standing proudly in front of our piece

Our messages that we’ve collected!!!

For other images please visit my partner Felicia Alexopolous…


The posters documents:

Untitled 3



Our Audio component was more useful because our posters were somewhat non-existent.