Progress Report

Refreshing Your Memory

Before I beginning stating the progress report of our final project I feel that I should restate mine and my partners project proposal again. For our final project my partner, Felicia Alexopoulos and I have decided to do a pixelated heart sculpture out of canvas. We also decided to add a small audio presentation to accompany our sculpture.

To refresh peoples memories we will have our heart sculpture, and we will add on it pictures of powerful women, and inspirational quotes on the sculpture. This goes with our class theme of”Power to the People”, because we want to empower girls and young women in today’s society. What we also decided to do was print out little heart shape pieces of paper and have women ( these women were the students from our class, and our teachers) and have them write down one thing that they feel proud of to be a women.

After we’ve presented our progress report to the class, our professor Cheryl Simon suggested that we have a timeline of powerful women in society. After discussing this with my partner we found it to be appropriate and we decided to add it with our sculpture. The timeline will actually either be next to our sculpture or around it, we haven’t quite decided on it yet. The timeline will start from around the 20th century, and will end at the 21st century. Every canvas represents a decade, from left to right. We will have pictures of powerful women from each of the centuries leading up till the our present day.

My partner and I had many discussions over how we were going to present the timeline. We thought of just pinning the pictures, quotes and the pieces of paper directly on the front of the canvases. We decided against that, because our classmates and our teacher suggested that we pin everything on the back of the canvases, so that it won’t ruin all of our hard work with the wax. After consulting with my partner and professor we’ve decided that it would be a good idea to perhaps not hide our work, but to show it.

We also had this idea that once everyone had finished pinning everything at the end of the exhibition to run a piece of string, or ribbon through the back of the canvases to show the unity of women, and how we need to stick together.

Original Sketch

version 2

version 2 2

Back to the drawing board..

Final Two Drafts


Final 1


Final 2

Getting Down to Business

The process had actually started earlier, but we only had the time to get together and work on it during our Study Break. So on march 13th my partner Felicia and I decided to get together over the break to work on our project at my house and we’ve managed to finish 10 out of our 11 canvases. Since one of the canvases were missing, because the Omer De Serres in Alexis Nihon didn’t have another one in stock. That meant that I would have to go to another nearby store to purchase it and complete it later.


*The final canvas was completed by me (image below)*


Melting wax crayons!


Problems Encountered

At the start of this project we had just some small concerns such as the cost; we didn’t really know how we were going to proceed (we had no plan). We changed our ideas very often, I’ve drawn 7+ sketches of ideas. We didn’t know what material to use. We also had the traditional problems of transportation, and where we would store the canvases once we had finished them. Also we had the problem of finding the time to meet up and work on it.

Another concern was, if we made the background a rainbow, people would think this project has to do with the LGBTQ when it doesn’t have anything to do with our idea for this project. Our answer around that was:  If the LGBTQ flag was different, a rainbow would still be a rainbow. Also, since we’re creative and colorful women we kept it a rainbow. Plus it looks pretty.

Another concern would be the anonymous messages that we made girls write. Like, do we collect as many as we could then collage them on or do we ask more people and add them at the exhibition?

We chose to buy post it’s and make our project interactive with our audience, by allowing them to write what they think and post it on the canvases.

Another problem, was the video really that necessary anymore?

Video Aspect

While my partner and I get started on the research for our visual component here are two very rough drafts of what are original idea of videos would look like that we aren’t going to use anymore.They were edited by me, and the archives were found by my partner Felicia.

After a while we found that the video became a little unnecessary at this point, because I find that our final product can speak for itself without having a video showing for it. So we decided to scrap the idea for an audio piece instead.

*Here are 2 rough drafts of what our video would look like. Video archives alone*

Draft 1

Draft 2


Audio Aspect

My partner and I are finally decided to add a audio component for our project. With the help of our professor Cheryl she suggested that we do research on powerful women over the century and simply record our voices saying all of their names. The impact of my partner and I stating the names of so many women will definitely fit right into the class theme of “Power to the People”.

We Were Stuck At A Crossroads…

As our project was advancing my partner and I were getting kind of anxious,  because now that we know what our project is going to be we had just one little problem. We had absolutely no idea how we were going to exhibit our sculpture (timeline) and our (new) audio piece.

This past Thursday (March 30th) my partner and I decided to go to Omer De Serre in Alexis Nihon to try and find a way to exhibit our project. After 30 minutes of some ideas, Felicia and I still were having difficulty, so we decided to seek the help of our professor Cheryl Simon. We all came to a consensus that in order for our project to work we need a wall, and a table. Since in the exhibition room we aren’t allowed to use the walls, Felicia and I started to discuss about how we were going to present our project. We finally settled on using big pieces of Foam Board to not only make our wall, but also to help support our 11 canvases that form our heart.

 Here is a rough sketch of what it would look like…

IA Final


My partner and I have decided to do some research on the history of women and to make a list in order of time. and put then on a word doc in columns. The idea is to show people that women have done a lot to contribute, therefor numbers/quantity is key.

Audio: My partner and I will be reciting the list of names and make it into a audio file. Therefore we would need earphones. and some computer to put our audio on loop.

Other materials:

  • Thick foam board or anything sturdy enough
  • Heart shaped post it notes
  • pens
  • Bristol board
  • print balance account= for printing our lists of women.
  • If possible a book taken out of the schools archives the contains lists of women in history

Things still to still do:

*Research and type up our list of women – currently working on*

*Once that is completed we must record ourselves reciting the list of names*