Project Proposal

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In our society of today, women have this inferiority of not being equal towards our male counterparts. Also not to forget that women are usually seen as the most vulnerable, getting hurt, into trouble, and also being mentally abused by what we see in the media…etc.  For my final integrating activity project, I decided to partner up with Felicia Alexopoulos, since we both had similar ideas and values to the table.

I wanted to focus more on women and their fear of not measuring up to societies standards of what a woman is supposed to be, while my partner wanted my project to focus on the aspect of fears today. After discussing, and tossing around some ideas, we decided to do our final Integrating Activity Project about the powerful women we have in our society and how they provide significant role models for females of all ages. We want to convey that women are a powerful force of people, and to show society and the media to not underestimate us. This is how it relates to our class theme to “Power to the People”, because we are empowering women.

Following my partner’s and mine passion for the arts and culture scenes, we’ve decided to collaborate on a project that will consist of two parts. We’ve both have backgrounds in Studio Arts we’ve both taken painting, drawing, and sculpture classes, Felicia has her experience with the study of music and media and I have a background in collage and communications/video production.

Our project will consists of two parts.

Part I would include a creative piece; a sculpture.


Here are our first four drafts.

Here was the draft that we’ve settled on.

Our original idea was to make a heart sculpture (Draft #$) using a large 30×30” birch board as our base and use chicken wire and plaster bandages to make the heart shape. In the end, we decided to go for something more simple and transportation friendly and. We decided to make a pixelated heart out of canvas boards. Artist Jim Dine, inspired us with the use of hearts since it’s a shape that he uses frequently in his own works.


We began printing out heart and “Pow!” shaped papers, and have had quite a few women write a message on these pieces of paper, something that they were proud of being female. It was quite surprising and interesting seeing women struggle with this one simple question. *For example a women can write down that she’s proud that she has the right to vote, or that she’s proud to have access to education, the miracles of motherhood etc. *

We would then after accumulate as many as we can and begin sticking these messages along with quotes, images and other archives that we’ve found on the canvases.

version 2

version 2 2

We have purchased our 11 canvases to form our heart, and we decided to color them using the rainbow scale. because we are colorful women. We are all different, even if we share few things in common.

Part II is a video component, used as a commemoration to the strong and inspirational women. ‘Women through time.’

*Here’s a draft of what our video would look like. Video archives alone*


*We just might scrap the visual aspect and replace it with an audio component instead. We still are discussing whether we should add it*

Required Materials/Software/Permissions  

The required materials for the sculpture would be 5 long canvas boards 6×36 and 6 small canvas boards 6×12. We will also need wax crayons, and a hair dryer to be able to melt the wax crayons onto the canvases. $$ to print or printers at home. and computer with needed software.The software we will be using for our video component is Windows Movie Maker. My partner and I both have it on our laptops top. I have both software’s on my laptop. Finally, there is no permission needed for the execution of this project. But, in the credits of our video we must list/cite properly all of the videos we’ve used, therefore we won’t be attacked online by copyright laws.

Schedule (subject to change)

February 14th-21th: Get together with partner to discuss and brainstorm ideas for final Integrating Activity Project  -done-

February 21st-28th:  Continue to brainstorm ideas with partner and start sketching out ideas for project. Also start finding archives and quotes of and about powerful women in society. -done-

February 28th-March 7thThink about materials that we will be using for the sculpture and see if Omer De Serres in Alexis Nihon has the materials we need. Continue looking for archives and quotes and videos for our project. –done-

March 7th-13th: Purchase materials for project.-done-

March Break (13th-20th): get together with partner to start sculpture and hopefully finish. Also start working on the audio component of the project. -done-

March 21st-28th: Keep working on video component 

March 28th-April 4th: Advance in video component

April 4th-April 11thWorks, both sculpture and video should be close to being completed

April 11th-18th: Both of the works should be completed. 

April 18th-25th: Think about ways on how to present our project in the exhibition room. Go and see the room to get ideas about what would be the best options for the installation process. 

April 25th-May 2ndFinish audio component, and finalize sculpture. 

May 2nd-9thFinishing touches to project, making sure that the audio component is working properly and the canvas boards are ready and prepared for exhibition.