Final Presentation

Felicia and I have completed everything that we had to do for the preparation of the exhibition….

Our description for our piece/poster: (Submitted)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s SuperWomen!

These women are the unsung heroines that have made some of the greatest achievements in history. It doesn’t matter if their contributions or triumphs were big or small. They’ve all helped make the world a better place, not only for women of today,  but also for future generations.  Our goal was to empower women of today’s society, because we felt as if women are often made to feel that they aren’t good enough.  

We wanted to honor these amazing women by creating an homage to them. Combining our passions for the arts and for culture, we’ve decided to collaborate on a project in two parts. The first is a pixelated heart made of a composite of canvases and melted wax crayons onto which we’ve attached affirmative messages about and for women, written by women.

The second part is an audio work reciting a list of 150 of the world’s ‘SuperWomen’ throughout time.  We wanted to show how these women are significant role models for girls. Our goal is to show girls that we’re all a powerful force to be reckoned with and to show society they should not underestimate us.

Artists’ Message

We are inviting women of all ages to express their feelings by writing anonymously on the various colored notepads; What you are proud of being a woman? It can be a quote, a simple word, a phrase, a lyric…etc. The possibilities are endless. When you have written down your message we welcome you to stick it onto any one of the canvases.

The artists of this work are Dawson students that will be graduating from the Arts + Culture Profile (Winter 2017).

We have our (2) posters printed with our list of names 2×3 ft and it will be exhibited as a 4×3 ft piece up on the wall that we requested.

Untitled 3


Our canvases that have been wrapped up since March Break are ready to be unveiled.

We have star and heart shaped post it notes and our previous handwritten messages, ready to go.

We have our audio up and saved and ready to loop.


I’ve designed our project poster, by relying on my amateur Photoshop skills

SuperWomen (horizontal)- Daniela Mancuso, Felicia Alexopolous

I’ve sent Elizabeth Breuner via MIO of our installation needs along with a sketch of how I imagined our installation to be displayed.

Note: a small table is not included in the sketch, but was mentioned, to be used as a writing station.


We hope that everything goes smoothly at the ALC Exhibition.